What has Lucee been up to this past year

Did you miss the Lucee keynote (https://www.slideshare.net/gertfranz/lucee-cf-camp-2017) at the sold-out CFCamp 2017 (http://cfcamp.org) conference this month? Don’t worry, we will tell you about all the great things that are happening in this post.

The CFML community is alive and kicking. Everyday CFML developers deliver state of the art web solutions for small and big companies alike. Did you know NASA uses Lucee for instance? At CFCamp you could feel the buzz. People talking about solutions they’ve built, helping each other with problems, offering tools they’ve built and just having fun. Also, don’t forget about the great sessions that can help any developer write better code and build more robust solutions.

During the Lucee keynote on the second day, we reflected on the past year and also gave a glimpse of what is coming. As most of you probably know, the Lucee opensource project is managed by the Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS). LAS has a management board that sets the budget, determines the general direction of the product, sponsors community events and attracts members. All funding at this point comes from our members.

Here is a quick overview of all the things we’ve accomplished this past year:

  • We assigned a product manager, Patrick Quinn from Webapper
  • We added new developers (Mithrasoft and Igal)
  • We had 8 releases in which we added 49 new features, fixed 275 bugs and solved 19 blocking issues.
  • We made performance, admin and process improvements.
  • We shrunk the backlog of issues and the pull requests.
  • We offered support in the CFML Slack group with high-quality solutions.
  • We moved the support forum from Google Groups to Discourse

We have the following plans for the coming year:

  • We will release version Lucee 5.3.
  • We will add another developer (will start Nov. 1st)
  • We will expand the management board.
  • We will be doing a “roadshow” in April 2018 across the USA.
  • We will try to be more active in the CFML community.
  • We will release a new Lucee website.

As you can imagine, Lucee is dependent on the community and could use your help. Want to know how?

Together we can keep Lucee the best web development platform out there!