Websocket Extension State Not Loaded

I am using Lucee express on my development machine. I took the steps to install the websocket extension 2.0.3 and modified the web.xml. I added new code and got everything working. It works great for my development machine.

Our production server runs 3 instances of lucee installed as a windows service ( for all of them) and connects thru IIS. I installed the websocket extension, same as with my express version. I deployed my local code and started to get the error “No matching function [WEBSOCKETSERVER] found”. After troubleshooting for awhile I had to roll the code back. I did some research and found another post in regards to the IIS setup.

So I looked into this for a bit and decided to install lucee as a windows service on my development machine (single instance, same version), along with IIS. Took the same steps as above and other than an IIS redirect (which I assume is needed to make the ws connection to work), everything was working fine. No missing functions or anything. After digging into this for a bit, I found out that when I installed it on my production machines (I installed it on all 3 because I read IIS might only be connecting to one instance), it is showing under Info->Bundle(jar) in the server and web context, that the state of the extension is not loaded, on all 3 instances. I can’t find any errors in the logs related to this. My only assumption is that it is related to running multiple instances of lucee, but I am not sure where to start with troubleshooting the issue. And we only have the one server, so I have to run multiple instances on it. Can anyone help, maybe point me in the right direction for troubleshooting this.

I think I finally figured this out. I installed the websocket extension in the web context. After doing this, it appears in the list as an extension in the server context. I installed it in the server context and now it seems to be loading.

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