WEB-INF folder failure with Lucee

It seems that the content of a new WEB-INF folder isn’t created properly when using Lucee Half of the folders in WEB-INF/lucee/ were missing, like the /lib oder /logs folder and there appeared some empty files: lucee-web.[number].buggy. Deleting the WEB-INF folder and restarting was no use. The folder was once more created incompletely. After downgrading to Lucee the new WEB-INF folder with sub directories was created properly.

Hi @Christoph_Kindle,

I checked with Lucee all the folders and files were created as expected. It seems no issue in version. Can you check once again, if the issue still present Please post the OS & Web server details here.

The problem still exists. I upgraded to
Then I deleted the WEB-INF folder of the new domain. …/vhosts/[customerdomain]/WEB-INF
After this a restart.
Fail. Subfolders where missing in WEB-INF/lucee for the new domain.

Downgrade to and restart
Again fail.

Downgrade to and restart
Success. All subfolders of the WEB-INF/lucee folder were created.

I use Linux CentOS 7 64Bit with Apache Tomcat/8.5.14

My problem seems to be described in JIRA task
LDEV-1581 Lucee 5/Tomcat fails to deploy more than one host

The problem with Lucee and up were some 3rd party jars in my /opt/lucee/lib folder.

When there is only the lucee-x.jar in the /opt/lucee/lib folder the domain’s WEB-INF folder is created without errors.