Web Contexts / Labels

Hi Gang,

Lucee install with Tomcat…

If I add a label to a web context - I now have 2 x web contexts.
The origial “hash” version
Eg. : 5fb02d13c21456662c19d1f592302f20
and the label I gave it.

Should I be able to delete the original “hashed” version?

Becaue i use commandBox locally - the setup is diffeent - so I thought I would ask here and see if someone just “knew” the answer before I go to the trouble of doing a standard install.


Yes, the original one is no longer in use.

(did you see my trap??? :slight_smile: )
I ask…
Because I did this - and then all my scheduled tasks disappeared.
And when I tried to restart the tomcat service - it complained about (something I don’t remember sorry)… but ultimately wouldn’t even do the stop portion of the restart.

Copying the Label-named folders to their “hashed” counterparts, folder, resolved the Not-restarting Tomcat issue.

But unfortunately did not resuurect my scheduled tasks - which I subsequently re-created by hand.

No, and I clearly fell into it.

It does seem that the newly created named context directory doesn’t copy anything from the previous one, so you need to start over.

That’s why I always rename my contexts when first setting up the server before doing any context-specific config. And even then I don’t like to rely on anything persisting in the context directory. So for instance I have a script which can recreate my scheduled tasks at any time and I never put custom jars in the context lib folder.