We have removed old extensions from default install for 6.0 (chart,lucene,form,ajax,axis) (saves 10.4MB)



Just keep in mind the small, but nominal cost for bandwidth (If the codebase is hosted someplace that requires such things)

Is there a better alternative to cfchart for generating static image files for embedding in emails where JavaScript is generally not supported? Because if not, maybe it should remain in the default. For the record, I’m disappointed with the trending disrespect for this still useful core feature.

I’m not very sure you understood what all of that means. The extensions aren’t going to disappear. They just won’t be shipped by default. You still can install them manually (in the admin)or add environment properties to your instance to have cfchart installed automatically.

don’t worry about it, these extensions are still available, just not installed by default.

it’s really easy to added the to your install, just set an environment variable.


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I understand exactly what it means.

It’s you guys who don’t seem to understand what I’m saying about the usefulness of cfchart in emails. It is not pointless like the other extensions being removed from the default install. All it needs is proper support, marketing, and documentation for people to realize it still has a purpose.

So blog about it, write up a how to, make everyone in the entire world realise how cool and fast cfchart is compared to ____.


Hi @kenricashe;
I have self-appointed, myself to help where I can with the documentation.

I don’t use CFCHART (so I can’t, myself) - but…

If you can come up with a good blurb and some examples (the “stuff” you think is missing) - I can certainly do the massaging, required to get it into the actual documentation, for you (for all of us, really)!


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