VSCode CFMLEditor Extension

Last night I discovered the CFMLEditor extension for VSCode, which is a maintained fork of the CFML extension by KamasamaK.

I’ve been wanting a .cfs support for some time now, and last night after looking at the source code of the extension I opened a PR, which was improved upon by @ghedwards and pulled in to the cfmleditor extension.

I disabled the old extension and installed the new one. Thanks Gareth!

You can get it from CFML Editor - Visual Studio Marketplace or simply run the following command in the Command Pallet in VSCode:

ext install CFMLEditor.cfmleditor

Thanks for the tip! :heart:
I’ve also been using it for several weeks and it works very well.

I had it added two days ago to the official Lucee documentation.


One thing I noticed long ago with the KamasamaK extension – and I just confirmed this is true as well with Gareth’s fork – is that with .cfs files, color syntax highlighting is not active until a comment is added at the very top of the file. I assume that’s because of the missing <cfscript> tag.

Are you sure that you have the latest version from ~12 hours ago? It works for me:


Yes it is v0.6.19 which added the .cfs support. I installed and tested it just prior to my comment. I decided to consider it a feature as it reminds me to start with a comment block which is a best practice anyways. :slightly_smiling_face: Just mentioned it in case anyone else experiences that same behavior.


Does anyone know is it possible to turn on suggestions for methods? Like .keyExists() for struct, .append(), .isEmpty() and other

That’s an opened issue