VS Code CFML plugin update

a quick heads up, the development of vscode-coldfusion has been discontinued

vscode-cfml is stil being actively developed, it was my preferred extension of late

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Im also using KamasamaK´s Extension.
Its working perfect for CFScript. But for me its not working for cfm files with tags.
Or i have to configure something?

yeah, file a bug?

also, if you are using the vscode-cfml extension, show some love and consider starring the repo :slight_smile:


I already done that :slight_smile:
So tags are working fine for you?

nup, tag autocomplete isn’t working for me either

I am using also vscode-cfml. Together with “Auto Close Tag” I have autocomplete for CFML tags. What I miss - or at least could not find are snippets like in sublime in order to to assign keyboard shortcust for combinations like “dump + abort”…second I miss a code formatter.