Very high memory used by w3wp process

We have in a production setup a site for which the w3wp is taking up all
available memory.
To see how far it would go we put in a server with more RAM, and it went up
to 13GB before we took the server out again.
The obvious problem here would be a memory leak, but we have checked memory
dump and found nothing. Also after disabling all possible caching settings
it didn’t go away.
The site has about 20 virtual directories set as application. These are
used to redirect customer to international versions of the site.
Like this: is the normal version (which is UK), is the US version, is the French version,

These virtual directories (us, fr, …) point back to the root of the site.
If points to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\site, all the virtual
directories also point to that folder.
We have put the virtual application onto a different application pool and
it is that process that is taking up the memory. The process for the normal
site always stays around 1.5GB.
A few simple tests showed that the memory quickly grows to over 1GB with
the first 20 requests to various pages.
The complete size of the site is only 400MB, excluding product images, so
what is IIS storing in memory?
Could this be related to something in Railo?

Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated.

The connection is through BonCode.

Here are some system specs:
Railo final
Windows Server 2012 (6.2) 64bit
Java 1.7.0_60 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
IIS 8.5

How have you connected IIS to Lucee ?


The easiest way to control this is to let IIS know how much memory you wish
to allocate per pool.
Go to the advanced setup of your application pool and set the following
settings to the values you desire:

In the “Recycling” section
Private Memory Limit
Virtual Memory Limit

This will keep the memory utilization in the bounds that you select and
force collection even under load.