Validation Issue With validateEmail (/src/main/java/resource/context/form.cfm)

I’ve noticed what I believe is an issue with the validation of email that is done in

The regex being used to validate the email address assumes that the email address will be in lowercase. This was noticed while debugging a form on a mobile device where the first letter in input fields is always upper-cased.

I’ve put in a workaround for this by changing the input to lower-case on blur, but was curious on thoughts of modifying the basecode in the above link to allow validate where upper-case is used.

Proposed solution would be to replace instances of [a-z] with [A-Za-z]


Hi @gdog,

I’ve tested this, it’s confirmed the issue happened. So, please rise ticket for this issue on Jira ( I’ll fix it soon.

Thanks @cfmitrah,

JIRA issue LDEV-1613 has been created.


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