UTF-8 fonts in pdf


I would like to add UTF-8 fonts in pdf (greek). Is there any step by step guide for it as i am working in Windows platform and Lucee 5.3.6 via Commandbox. My available folders are
WEB-INF/lib, WEB-INF/lucee-server and WEB-INF/lucee-web.


Have you tried anything with cfpdf yet?

I am working with Preside Platform very close “relative” of Coldbox.


Any step by step idea as i do not know what to do in this case?


Should work “out of the box”

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when reporting an issue with an extension like PDF, please always mention the extension version

you may find the following tip useful


the latest PDF RC is

secondly, 5.3.6 is subject to a CVE, it’s time to upgrade

Thanks a lot for the information!

At the moment i work as localhost for development only purposes with lucee 5.3+ and fortunately i am not exposed a lot to vulnerabilities and security alerts. By first chance i will definitely upgrade.

I updated to pdf extension and still the same issue with utf-8 characters.


Please post a screenshot of the PDF output showing your issue.

Also, make sure you are using the correct encodings as it happened to you once when using fw/1:

I have just found the solution to my own problem and of course is irrelevant with pdf extension and updates and in my own case unfortuntaly it is not out of the box solution

Regarding lucee versions (below 5.3) it has to do with fonts.jar. You simply have to update manually the font.jar file with greek, german or other ttf file and of course update the appropriate .properties file with the relevant path and definitely an error might occur.

In my own case that i use lucee 5.3.6 (above 5.3) and of course subject to security alerts and vulnerabilities as we just said previously fortunately i have to play ONLY with flying saucer pdf. In my own web root i have to define a folder etc fonts place inside greek, german, french ttf and via css use @font-face to get the approriate ttf via src file and afterwards a class to get the apropriate font-family from above. It has to do with html code that is converted to pdf automatically.
Unfortuntaly there is no sufficient documentation for Flying saucer with examples and that is the problem!

Regards again