USPS ecommerce integration/ Consuming XML feed


Has anyone built an integration with USPS to get shipping rates?
I see they have an api that you can have an xml exchange with
Not familiar with the mechanics using Lucee, thus before spending time (that I dont have) wanted to see if anyone else has done this…



A quick Google search returned:

It’s old and I haven’t personally used it, but I doubt the USPS API has changed much in recent years. If nothing else it should give you a good starting point.


– Denny


I will take a look at this one.
A number of older tags broke when USPS updated its API code set.
It actually has some update quarterly.


If that code is too old to be useful… you could always look at some of the open source projects that are actively developed to see how they handle USPS. For example:

OR (less actively)


– Denny


I would recommend look at this solution:
In one shot you can be integrated with different carriers.