Using foundeo/ubuntu-nginx-lucee to install Lucee - help

I still working on getting a functioning Lucee server up…

I used the foundeo*ubuntu-nginx-lucee *to
install Lucee on Ubuntu 16.04. After some noodling around I succeeded at
having the scripts run successfully.

However, the final instruction to login at /lucee/admin/server.cfm did not
work. Furthermore the port 8888 did not respond with the “Congratulations
on your install”, however, port 8080 responded with the “Tomcat8 success


I downloaded Lucee and reinstalled it. (I had to stop Tomcat to make the
various ports available). After the reinstall port 8888 responds with
Lucee but port 8080 would not respond. Does port 8080 stop responding once
Lucee is installed?

Trying to add a virtualhost - minor success.

I added a virtualhost ( trying to access is results in “502 Bad
Gateway”, however, the system has created the WEB-INF subdirectory. I’ve
attached my config files for anyone willing to take a look.