URLs in Lucee are case sensitive

Hi. I am just getting into Lucee. Moving a large website from Coldfusion8 and hit a major roadblock. Apparently urls in Lucee are case sensitive? I am using IIS on Windows Server. They were not case sensitive in coldfusion 8. Please tell me there is a simple way to turn off case sensitivity in Lucee URLs? I did a quick search and couldn’t find a way to do it.

URLs are not case sensitive on Lucee, even if you’re on a case-sensitive OS. Make sure you don’t have any case sensitive URL rewrites or web server settings. Can you show us an example of what you’re seeing.

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Lucee URLs are NoT case sensitive.

Another CaSe sensitive “thing” is static files served by the Servlet container, e.g. *.js or *.css files served directly from Tomcat or Jetty, because the default servlets are usually CaSe sensitive, but if you serve those via IIS on Windows you don’t have that issue either.

Something strange is happening. Apparently, it is case sensitive only on some files.
go to
then try
(the filename is lowercase on the actual file)
if you go to
instead of an error page, it automatically redirects to
I am not intentionally using any URL rewrite programs

Ahh, I know what your problem is. You’re changing the case of the file extension. This is actually a Tomcat issue as the servlet mappings ARE case sensitive (Lucee has no control over this). If you look in your web.xml you’ll see the servlet mappoings are probably for *.cfm not *.CFM so Lucee is never getting the request sent to it in the first place.

You have two options as I see it:

  1. Implement some sort of URL rewrite rule to lowercase all .cfm extensions
  2. Add additional servlet mappings to your web.xml to cover all possible combinations of .cfm .CFM .Cfm .CFm, etc, etc.
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Looks like you are correct. That fixed it! Thanks
But strangely, it now rewrites SOME of the urls to lowercase. Where is that controlled from? I am using IIS but did not set it up to do that?
For example: http://beta.virtualtrials.org/Musella.cfm
redirects to http://beta.virtualtrials.org/musella.cfm