Url Rewriting Lucee Epxress

Can’t seem to find a solution here - just updated my local dev from railo to lucee - pretty painless apart from the URL rewriting I use on the production machine which I cludged on Railo 3.x with Tuckeys URLrewriter (http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/). Following the limited instructions on the download page there (for jetty - express uses tomcat?) doesn’t yield any working results.

My production environment uses apache/tomcat are there any solutions that will enable me to view my content locally without having to build a full apache setup on OS X (latest version) which is likely to be a can of worms.

Many thanks

You can try Commandbox


If express uses Tomcat 8, you can try using Tomcat’s URL rewrite valve; which mimics Apache Mod_Rewrite. I wrote an article a while back on how to get started with it:


I haven’t used it in a while so mileage may vary based on any further updates it might have undergone.

If you’re just looking to stand up a dev environment with Lucee, I definitely recommend looking into CommandBox. Setting up Tuckey rewrites with it is pretty painless.

Thanks I went the CommandBox route, thanks for the tip, its brilliant. very easy to setup and use.
I can just import my URL rewrite rules from the old Railo dev.
Uesful link for setting that up

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