Upvoting Issues; does it do anything?

Here’s a problem with Lucee we’d like to fix: Upvoting hasn’t carried the proper weight in the past. Typical development process problems–too much backlog, too many competing priorities, etc. That’s all fixed now, and we are getting our momentum going.

We’re in our 3rd sprint of 2017, which will produce the 3rd release in 3 months. And we’re also fine-tuning the process of prioritizing tickets, including explicitly factoring in community voting. We’ll communicate more about the prioritization process over time.

For now we’re working on these two basic rules:

  • upvoting is reviewed as part of our priority assessment
    but it’s not ideal as you can only express a single vote per user ie. i might have a burning issue that is blocking any progress on the platform or I might just agree that something should be done in the fullness of time
  • sprint planning forum topics can be used to give direct feedback on LAS resourced priorities;
    we can’t promise anything but this is a good place to make the case for existing issues (with test cases) that are blocking upgrades or progress on the platform in general

Also, Product Manager is now a formal role within LAS. That appointment is a member of the management board of directors for the organization, and the appointee Product Manager is formally voted upon by the management board. The PM has an official (monthly) reporting responsibility to the board.

I’m the Product Manager and trust me when I tell you I’m not the kind of guy to just “hang around” a project. :wink:

Of course, there are other challenges too, but all of that is good stuff for a growing, non-profit open-source software project. We expect to have all the usual F/OSS growing pains, but with strong momentum. Shipping software cures (almost) all problems. :wink:

Please do keep the comments coming. That’s the biggest help in fixing things–having the community continue to tell us what needs fixing. I know a lot of that feedback hasn’t resulted in enough visible action/progress since Lucee launched, but there is a lot bubbling beneath the surface. We have a strong management team, and I’ll keep doing my part to keep things moving forward.

Thanks again.


here is a list of the open issues sorted by votes


Niice. Just voted on a few more tickets meself :wink:

ok, spill the beans, which ones?

my most recent was

Add SameSite-attribute to cfcookie

Here’s another view, this one sorted by a combination of votes + resolution date. The majority of the top vote getters have been resolved in 2018 or 2017. And we’re working on creating an even closer collaboration between the community and the dev team. All in due time.


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