Upgrading custom server config for Lucee 6 gotchas

While Lucee will do an in place upgrade for existing installs, if you are doing custom deployments with your own config either via commandbox and/or some scripting magic, please be aware that Lucee 6.0 will default to a single context, unless you have a lucee-server.xml in place.

You can tell if you are in a single-context mode by

  1. looking at the .CFconfig.json for the server context
  2. Opening your Lucee admin (no server | web ) means single context
  3. Check getApplicationSettings().singleContext
    TryCF.com (trycf has :slight_smile: )

Some people have previously only written out their config to lucee-web.xml.cfm for various reasons which will not be automatically picked up by Lucee 6.0 in this case, as it will not go looking for a web context unless a lucee-server.xml exists

Here is an example with the Preside Server Commands of the new recommended approach of writing out using a .CFconfig.json file into the webroot

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Lucee 6 is a major release, so some stuff will need to be updated