Update to isn't working

I’ve been trying to update to Lucee and I keep getting the following:

In the administrator I’ve seen this update available for sometime, and every time I’ve tried to install, I get the above error.

What gives?


I posted issue yesterday; later on “Upgrade to” option disappeared; I requested my topic deleted and that was done.

I concur “Upgrade to” option is back but may not be an actual release. Let’s see what develops!

The “Upgrade to” option seems to come and go on a daily basis.
What is needed to move resolving this issue forward?

I have the same mistake.

I had the same problem. On https://download.lucee.org/ there is no stable version, so seems to be a bug.

Do we have a Jira issue for this topic?

was coming here for same issue. is v6 production stable? Noticed the welcome page wasn’t updated either.

Seems like a ghost image? Not sure if @Zackster is back / can comment?