Update <cfmap> implementation of Google Maps API

Hi everybody!

I don’t know if it’s already under work by the Lucee team but is there any intention of updating the current Google Maps API implementation for ? A warning is being displayed by the console saying that version 2 will be deprecated on May 26, 2021.

The print below show the details.

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not really, all the silly CF ajax tags are really limited and a dumb idea

just code it yourself, that way you have complete control

Thanks for the reply!

Even though it’s not that hard to implement it using JavaScript, the tag really made basic manipulation of maps from Google much simpler and straightforward (which I really liked). It’s sad, from my point of view, it won’t be updated although I understand your argument.

Thanks again for the clarification.

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I wrote a Custom Tag replacement for the CFMap tag It uses the same parameters and additionally supports GoogleMapEmbed, MapBox, HERE, OpenStreetMap & MapTiler/MapTilerGL. I wrote this after GoogleMaps switched to a pay model and it started to cost us too much money to use. Other features include:

  • responsive
  • no maps for bots
  • click-to-activate
  • scroll-in-view-to-activate
  • use of LABjs (On-demand parallel loader for JavaScript with execution order dependencies)

Example integration:

		Service = "Google"
		centerlatitude = "#LLatitude#"
		centerlongitude = "#LLongitude#"
		markericon = "//#CGI.Server_Name#/webart/marker.png"
		MarkerWidth = 38
		MarkerHeight = 52
		MapContainerClasses= "listingmapbox"
		width = "100%"
		height = "100%"
		styles = "myMapStyle"
		zoomlevel = "15">

The CFTag is currently tied to our internal ACF2016 framework, but I am in the process of decoupling it and testing it for Lucee & CF2021 compatibility. (I’m traveling next week, so I don’t think I can have it available before Google Map v2 API is deprecated.

You can see some examples of how it is used on these public web pages:


I updated the google map API v2 to V3 Merge pull request #13 from MitrahSoft/LDEV-3535 · lucee/extension-ajax@2bd3ae4 · GitHub