Update an existing installation

Hi there,

We have Lucee installed using the bundled Linux installer:

We can of course update the Lucee JAR, using something like the following:

rename jar bak /opt/lucee/lib/*.jar;
curl "http://release.lucee.org/rest/update/provider/light/" -L -o /opt/lucee/lib/lucee-light-;
/etc/init.d/lucee_ctl restart;

However that won’t patch Tomcat / JRE.

What’s the correct way to patch all the things when using the Linux/Windows installers? Is there an upgrade/update option that I’m missing?

Can see a similar question here, but unfortunately they didn’t get an answer:

Many thanks in advance!

The only ways I know is:

  1. Run the uninstaller in /opt/lucee and re-install with new version.
  2. Use the method I mention in the other thread.
  3. Manually update. Download latest Apache Tomcat Linux x64 8.5 and overwrite /opt/lucee/tomcat/libs files. Overwrite jdk files with latest Linux jdk 1.8.0

I use 3 for small updates when I update Lucee fixes. I check for any Tomcat security reports on their site and update.

I use 2 for major Lucee updates. I have never tried 1.

Thanks @kabutotx - must admit, none sound particularly appealing at scale! :see_no_evil:

Probably do the first run manually across devices, but may look at writing something in Ansible to automate 2 or 3 in the future. Will come back and share if we ever do.

Thanks again!