Undeliverable Mail

Hi - this questions was hidden in another thread - no responses so I am starting a new thread…
If the email server crashes, under Coldfusion, the messages would back up in undeliverable mail… you would fix the mail server and just move the message to the queue. How do you do that in Lucee?

Failed mail is saved by default to:

[context root]\WEB-INF\lucee\remote-client\open

Unfortunately, you cannot ‘respool’ them like you can with ACF. The best way of managing them is via the web (not server) admin UI under Services - Tasks


– Denny

So how do you handle mail to make sure it is sent? Do we need to store a copy in the database until we are sure it is sent out so it can be sent again?

Can we request the ability to respool those as we did with coldfusion as a feature for next version? Any downside to it?

Undelivered mail can be resent through the web admin UI under Services -> Tasks, so if you want to respool them you can do so there. There is just no folder by which you can simply drop the .tsk files in and have them respooled like you can in ACF.

You could also do it programatically using cfadmin in Lucee. See how it’s done in the web UI here

As for requesting the ability to drop them into another folder like ACF to respool them, you can certainly search for an existing ER for that, or file a new ER for it if there isn’t one, here and see if it gets the votes and support it needs to be implemented.

There is a related ER for making it more clear how to find and respool email here that never got much traction, perhaps note this as a related ER when you create yours and maybe kill two birds with one stone?


– Denny

Thanks. I didn’t know that. I already deleted the tsk files so when I went into the web admin, there was nothing there. I assume they show up when there is something to do. That is fine. No need to add the feature of just moving the files.

I need to respool emails and I did not delete the *.tsk files. They are in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WEB-INF\lucee\remote-client\open, but the Admin does not show the under Service/Tasks in Server or in the web Admin. Any ideas what’s going on?


So my issue posted earlier, is the files stay in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WEB-INF\lucee\remote-client\open folder even when the emails are sent properly.
We route through Microsoft 365. Added in the server=“mail server” thinking that may be the cause, but does not.
When ever a new email is sent, it will resend all the others in that folder.