Unattended / Silent uninstallation for extentions

Hi All,

I was looking for an unattended or silent way to uninstall extensions but couldn’t find any documentation.

The below document only talks about installation but

It would be great if anyone could share documentation or steps for this.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Lucee version:

there are two approaches

you can drop the extensions (*.lex files) into the /deploy folder

or set an env var LUCEE_EXTENSIONS

Thanks for the reply.

The above link talks about installing the extension. I am looking for uninstallation of the extension.

don’t think we have any other option than the <cfadmin> approach

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Ok, thank you.

I will try this approach.

Related (5 yr old) ticket: [LDEV-1585] - Lucee

And yes, that ticket is for installing, not uninstalling. My original goal was to have have a full set of BIFs for managing extensions programmatically from CFML, but I don’t think we ever got anything other than ExtensionList() and ExtensionExists().

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@Tushar_Bhaware using Administrator cfc instead of cfadmin is always good. because cfadmin is not an official tag to use outside of the Admin.


adm = new Administrator("server or web", your_admin_password);