I used Ucanaccess driver Under Lucee and Windows 2008/IIS7
(to connect Access mdb files as datasources)

My question , does this driver can work same way
Under Linux, Apache, Lucee ? (with mdb files)

Thanks for answer.

You would have to try it out… but the website suggests this is indeed possible:

Because it is a pure Java implementation it runs on both Windows and non-Windows operating systems (e.g., Linux/unix). No ODBC needed .
UCanAccess uses:

I was unable to get UCanAccess to operate as expected. The extension’s developer helped me with some installation issues, but the admin interface to create and specify the datasource is broken and was never implemented. So the only way to get this running is to use application.cfc and specify it as a datasource in the component, which I’ve not got working under Lucee 5.3 yet.

Does this work under Lucee 5.2 and not Lucee 5.3?

I haven’t tested those versions. Most of the code bases and people I work with understand the application.cfm and cf admin concepts, and not so much the .cfc concepts. So it’s important that this work with “non-modern” developers.