[Tutorial] Lucee, Docker and VSCode in 2022


As a recent migrant from a shared hosted ACF10 site to Lucee, Docker and self-hosting, I faced a very steep learning curve. Much of the available information related to Lucee and Docker is quite old and some things have changed in dev-land (especially regarding remote and Docker tooling in VSCode).

Since I was documenting what worked and what didn’t, I thought I would share it for other new arrivals like me.

I made a
Github repo tutorial
with files and instructions that has a minimal application with a REST API serving JSON from a MySQL database. So, composing two containers: Lucee and MySql. The tutorial also covers deploying the app to Digital Ocean.

I am not an expert! This is just what I learned along the way. I would really appreciate corrections, suggestions and feedback via an issue or PR so this can represent a working “best practice” example as Lucee continues to evolve.

Thanks to the various contributers in the Lucee forums and blog posts that helped me work out how this all works.

Best wishes,


Thanks @carehart, indeed. It could be useful for info about Docker implementation to be in the Lucee Docs, too. When I search for “Docker” in the Lucee docs, it does not come up in the search results at all (and a lot of completely unrelated stuff does - in itself not a great advert for Lucee capabilities, :frowning: )

If I have time maybe I can help in that regard too.

First, let’s see if anyone reads it! Lol!