Trello vs Jira

Serious question: what does Trello bring us that Jira doesn’t already have? It seems to cover everything you mention here, and has the benefit of already being in use.

I’m just thinking about how we use Jira @ HB, Mark, which you’re familiar with… seems about the same? What am I missing?


That Trello is friendly and JIRA is like being bashed in the face with a broken bottle covered in poo.

Also, tickets should really be created at the end from the Trello board. IMHO. I think that is how Ghost are doing using it.


Heh. I guess mileage varies. I’ve always kinda wondered why Trello even exists. It just seems like a pointless application to me: neither fish nor fowl. But anyway, as I said: mileage varies, and I’m not trying to change your mind. And it’s not relevant to what you’re suggesting anyhow.

Don’t quite follow you there.


I’m with Adam here, I never saw much of a point in Trello besides it being nice and colorful and one being able to drag and drop things around :smile:

I think functionality-wise Jira is good - maybe the Agile plugin for a “Language development” project would be sufficient as it provides (among other things Kanban board views etc).

I think JIRA is horrible and will probably only work for one sprint . I suggested Trello as another project seems to already using it publicly with a range of people suggesting features.

@adam_cameron I meant that once a feature moves into the “in-progress” you would have enough information to create a reasonable ticket.

Anyway, as the original thread, I thought I would put it out there as a solution. Ghost also uses uservoice for all the many ideas so that they can bubble up into the trello board. see: