Total beginner to Lucee/commandbox. Spun up a container and there's no admin page. Did I screw up?

I’ve currently deployed ortussolutions/commandbox:latest as a container using docker compose. My end goal is to stand up an instance of lucee my devs use to test migrations from CF → lucee, ultimately with a postgresql DB backend.

All of the guides I am reading indicate that I should be able to hit my lucee instance at /lucee/admin/ or /lucee/admin/server.cfm, but I’m only getting 404 errors from that.

I created an index.cfm in the /app directory that’s just doing a cfdump var="#SERVER#" and that works great, but now I feel stuck. Where should I be finding the admin pages so I can add this datasource? Should I be doing something differently?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Have you also tried to open/reach the Lucee admin from the windows taskbar tray (right bottom corner)?

No taskbar tray. This is running in a container on linux.

I got this working! My problem was that the default server profile is “production,” which specifically disallows access to the Lucee admin pages when accessing from anything other than localhost. I was already planning on putting my Lucee service behind a reverse proxy, but I wanted to be certain it was working. The easiest way to was to set the environment variable BOX_SERVER_PROFILE=development in my docker-compose.yml and it worked beautifully.

Immediately after that, I ran into a bug where I was forced back to the login page on every click in the admin menu, and that was fixed by finally setting up the reverse proxy with proper SSL config.

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