Top-level "all categories" not showing all categories

I hit and have “all categories”, “all tags” [Latest] selected. To me that would show posts in - stick with me here, this is complicated - all categories, with all tags, ordered by latest first.

However this does not appear to be the case.

Here’s what I see today:

But if I actively go to the “dev” category I see these:

There’s a number of posts there that would fall within the time range of what I showed from my “all” listing @ The latest “dev” item in that listing is from Aug 2022!

To my knowledge I have not tried to filter anything out, and can’t see anywhere in my account settings that I could do so.

However I suspect it’s some daftery on my part, or me not understanding some vagary of this forum app or something?

This happened to me.

Logging out
Remove all your site history, cache, cookies, ectra
Log back in.

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Similar things happened to me once:

This helped: I started seeing what seemed to be almost all the rest of stuff having done that.

Also digging into things a bit… the dev tag had been muted somehow. Clearly a case of PEBCAK in this case, but buggered if I can remember doing that, and as dev issues are the ones I’m mostly interested in… not something I’d actively do.

So I think I’m all good now. Cool.

Cheers for the help everyone!


Aha - turns out my ‘dev’ category was also muted somehow - thanks for the pointer!