Tomcat twice - Xampp and Lucee (Is that a problem?)

I need Apache, MySQL, PHP, Lucee (for CFML) and Tomcat (for java interpretations?)

But When I install Xampp it installs Tomcat under the Xampp directory

Then when I install Lucee, it ALSO install Tomcat. Does having two installs of Tomcat cause a problem?

What should I do?


You can have multiple installations if Tomcat running as long as they don’t attempt to listen on the same IP:port

So you will have to change the port on at least one of those.

I found that when I uninstalled, then Re installed Xampp, I could deselect Tomcat so that it would not install.
So now I only have the Lucee Tomcat install on the system.

Thanks for the reply. If I had known that before maybe I would have left it installed.