TLS v1.2 Support for CFMAIL just added in the

The problem with CFMAIL not supporting the TLS 1.2 has been fixed, if anyone who has been affected could test the latest SNAPSHOT that would be great.

in addition, @isapir posted a simple cfml workaround for anyone having problems with older Lucee releases

System = createObject("java", "java.lang.System");
System.setProperty("mail.debug", "true");
System.setProperty("mail.smtp.ssl.protocols", "TLSv1.2");

<cfset smtpServer = {
   server   : ""
  ,port     : 587
  ,useTLS   : true
  ,async    : false
  ,username : "SMTP_Injection"
  ,password : "SECRET"

<cfmail from="" to="" 
  subject="Test #getTickCount()#" 
  attributeCollection="#smtpServer#">This is a test @ #now()#</cfmail>


Thanks @Zackster. To clarify, the workaround is just setting the property mail.smtp.ssl.protocols.

The mail.debug property and async : false are only used to help troubleshoot issues.

Async: false means send immediately, rather than spool so any problems get triggered immediately

This needs testing with different mail servers / providers. As noted in the bug, Office365 currently has issues with JDK 8.

Please test and let us know if you encounter any problems with the mail server you are using.

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The Office365 issue has been resolved in