Thread Timeout

No matter what I try, I have a long running thread timing out.

cfthread-104;request (path: /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT/index.cfm has run into a timeout (9000 seconds) and has been stopped.;
<cfsetting requesttimeout="999999">
<!--- long running code --->

Is there another setting somewhere which is limiting my thread to 2.5 hours? this is an overnight batch job, and it’s never completing…



Not sure if you are using Tomcat for this, but if you are, in $TOMCAT/config/web.xml you can set the connection timeout


That would set the session to an hour,

This will disable session timeout


Restart tomcat after you make the change.

It can’t be that, because my tomcat session timeout is set at 30, but I’m timing out in exactly 9000 seconds which is 2.5 hours…

Are you calling something else in the code? Maybe it has a cfsetting also and resets your setting.

Yep, I found the culprit yesterday - that was exactly it, something somewhere else setting a requesttimeout.