This.mappings dont work with cfimport

we are trying to switch from coldfusion to lucee, but get the following issue when using a mapping with cfimport: “invalid definition of the attribute taglib [/test]”

Do application-mappings dont work in
guess it should work since: is fixed.

Any idea?


	this.mappings["/test"] = "E:\xampp7\htdocs";


<cfdump var="#GetApplicationSettings()#"/>
<cfdump var="#expandPath("/test")#"/>

<cfimport prefix="test" taglib="/test" />

<test:cgi />

The expandPath work, the cfimport not.

Thank you,

as per cfimport is applied at compile time, thus it doesn’t know about the Application.cfc mappings which is why this doesn’t work, try a relative path?

Thanks for the hint.
I could use a relative path, but it would be ugly “…/…/” and also different when switching directories.
A mapping can be always used the same and can be easy adjusted then chaning the directory.
Also it is a incompatibility with Adobe´s Coldfusion.

The current workaround is to add it as server-mapping…