this.javaSettings and OSGI bundles

We have been working on improving performance in relation to this.javasettings

Previously if you tried to load OSGI bundles via loadPaths, it affected performance quite badly, i.e. constant reloading in the background.

We have made a change to ignore OSGI bundles when specified using loadPaths in, instead there is already an existing, but undocumented bundles option which can be used to load OSGI bundles.

Prior to (not published yet), the bundles option only supported directories, it now will support both directories and explicit jar paths.

I have updated the documentation to reflect this previously undocumented option, bundles

How to tell if a JAR is an OSGI bundle?

Open the JAR using a zip file viewer and look at the META-INF/MANFEST.MF and see if there are Bundle-* entries like Bundle-SymbolicName: javax.el-api

There is a nice plugin for vs-code which lets you inspect JAR files, called JAR Viewer

click the MANIFEST.MF entry to see the metadata



You can also check using ManifestRead().