Thesis in development Content management system with ColdFusion technology

Good morning everyone. I am Italian and if I make some English mistakes I hope you can understand me. I’m studiyng Computer Engineering at University of Bologna. I hope I’ve posted this request in the right forum. I’m writing thesis in Web technologies and my university professor who is acting as my thesis supervisor asked me to include a chapter on Lucee’s model of execution. I’m looking for material about it but I can’t find any. Can someone help me finding material? Any help is welcome.

Thanks a lot

Have a look at Mura CMS (, ContentBox ( and Preside ( Those are the leading CMSes for Lucee.

(To be 100% correct, Preside is more then a CMS)

@merlino94 Can you clarify, are you looking for information on CMS libraries specifically (WordPress is an example of a PHP CMS) or are you just asking general questions about how Lucee works as a JVM language. I’m wondering about the phrase “Lucee’s model of execution”.

I’m sorry :joy: , I didn’t clarified the subject I’m dealing with in the thesis. I’m looking for how Lucee works as a JVM Application Container.

Wow, that’s a big subject. Sort of like asking how an automobile engine works. :slight_smile:

Here’s some older high level article that might help. They are written for Adobe ColdFusion, but the high level details are mostly the same.

Are there some specific questions you have that we could help answer?

The real title of the thesis is Design and Development of Content Management Systems based on ColdFusion Technology

Thanks a lot

To be clear, CFML is not a Content Management System (CMS) but a JVM scripting language originally designed for creating web applications. There are a number of CMS’s that have been built on top of CFML by different people. Several of which, Guust listed above.

A lot of the people here have written CMS systems using Lucee (and Coldfusion) including myself so we are happy to help on any question you have.

Too open ended questions though might not be answerable.

Mark Drew


I know :joy: the English translation does not make the subject understand

Ok thanks, by now I’m ok with material to write some chapter. If I have more specific question I’ll ask here :slight_smile:


My professor asked me to write an example of a select query and to explain how lucee convert those istructions into servlet code. I’m trying to retrieve the source code but I’m having trouble finding them.

Not sure how to answer what you want but:

<cfquery name="bla">

Calls this java code:

Hope that sets you off in the right direction


Thanks a lot. That’s a part of what I’m searching. Can I ask you if you know where’s the code about this example?

queryService = new query();
queryService.addParam(name="state", value="MD", cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar");
queryService.addParam(value="National Capital Region", cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar");
result = queryService.execute(sql="SELECT ParkName, Region, State, FROM Parks WHERE State = :state AND Region = ? ORDER BY ParkName, State");
GetParks = result.getResult();

Basically i’m looking for the source code for a cfscript query example, not with a query tag :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to find in the repository but without success.

That is not a good example. That is using a component, and it’s super over the top, re-written it would be:

var GetParks = QueryExecute(
    sql:"SELECT ParkName, Region, State, FROM Parks WHERE State = :state AND Region = :region ORDER BY ParkName, State",
            "type": "varchar",
            "value": "MD"
            "value":"National Capital Region"
        "datasource": "datasource"


Also that code is using a built-in CFML component. There are a few of these and you can see them here:

(and here:

But what your code does is basically call the cfquery tag:

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I don’t know how to thank you, I’m really happy :star_struck: now I think I’m ok, I have 2 weeks and a half to send the thesis, and next month (December 18th) I’ll graduate :star_struck:


You are welcome! Good luck!

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