The function setMetaData is not supported on Lucee

Hi, I was trying to migrate my code from ColdFusion to Lucee but I encountered this error :“the function setMetaData does not exists in the Struct”. Looking on the web I found that this function isn’t supported by Lucee. I must use this function in lots of pages and I cannot use “homemade workaround”.
In ColdFusion it works perfectly, here is a part of the code where I try to use this function:

Image of the function

Does Lucee offer an alternative to this function? Thanks for the attention.

Java Version: 11.0.16
Lucee Version:

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alas hasn’t been implemented yet [LDEV-3601] - Lucee

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for some background, this is a cool way to transform structs into a different format when serializing to json

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