Template Encoding setting in config file?

Using Lucee, starting up as part of a docker/docker-compose config.

For the SERVER level, I need to set Admin:Settings:charset:template charset to “UTF-8”, while the docker container is built, but after setting it manually via the admin, i do not see a corresponding setting in any of the expected xml files. Where does this setting get stored when saved via the Admin, and/or is there a way to set it programmatically in the actual CFML code (less preferable)?

Try adding this to your /lucee-server/context/lucee-server.xml file (within the <cfLuceeConfiguration> element).

<charset resource-charset="UTF-8" template-charset="UTF-8" web-charset="UTF-8"/>

CFConfig will also allow you to set it:

cfconfig set templateCharset=UTF-8

Thanks for the tip! Should have been looking for lucee-server.xml. Probably could have done a deep dive search looking for the string in all the xml files, now that i’ve had some sleep lol