Taking over old railo server, 1/2 upgraded no admin

Ok, not sure where to start, but I used to manage some CF boxs years ago, and now given this. Production is running like this, but I have an amazon image so can play to fix with no worries on breaking. This was a Ubuntu 14.04.that was upgraded to 16, then 18.

.cfm files are processing, but I added a new site, naturally I would goto the admin, but the admin is giving the following;

Page /lucee/admin/web.cfm [/opt/railo/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/lucee/admin/web.cfm] not found

There is no Lucee folder at all, so it appears to be a 1/2 upgraded server. Things do work as I said, but with no admin, it makes some things even more difficult. Can I just download the newest release, and do an upgrade? I read some things and seemed quite cumbersom, but any help on how to get started is appreciated.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Java Version: java version “1.8.0_171”
Tomcat Version:
Lucee Version:

^^ unsure on that since I dont see a release file, etc.

Hi lraymond,

Are you saying your tomcat root server lucee folder hasn’t been deployed? How can then the other sites be running? My guess is, that the web-inf folders of your sites haven’t been updated and are still running on old code, not sure, this is weird. This all can also be a file permission issue with tomcat/lucee not having write permissions to the folders. Did you look into tomcats catalina logs? What do they say? And: Are you able to access a web context administrator of any working website? Did you try this? is it a railo welcome page or lucee? And did you upgrade from railo following the documentation at https://docs.lucee.org/guides/lucee-5/updating-railo.html ?

@lraymond My advice is to slash and burn this server, or at least the Railo/Lucee installation. I know that may sound scary, but trying to hack around on a half-implemented upgrade sounds worse to me. The biggest pain about spinning up a new server is the configuration, but this can be scripted pretty easy.

I would start by making a note of any custom JVM args that may have been added to the setenv or catalina start shell scripts. Then take a look at how many web contexts you have (WEB-INF) folders that have settings in them. If you’re in luck, all your settings may be in the server context, which probably lives near your Lucee.jar.

Once you’ve identified the server and web context homes on disk, toss CommandBox/CFConfig on the box and export all the configs into JSON files.

> box cfconfig export from=/opt/lucee/lib/lucee-server to=/server-context-config.json
> box cfconfig export from=/var/html/mysite/WEB-INF/lucee/ to=/web-context-mysite-config.json

I made up those paths, replace them with your own per the docs:

Then back up the JSON files and spin up a nice, fresh Lucee installation somewhere. Review the JSON files to see what was in each context and if you even care about it. Then you can import those settings back into the new server.

> box cfconfig import from=/server-context-config.json to=/opt/lucee/lib/lucee-server
> box cfconfig import from=/web-context-mysite-config.json to=/var/html/mysite/WEB-INF/lucee/
> Restart Lucee service to pick up changes

I think this will give you a cleaner starting point and reduce the manual steps of copying all the config around.

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