TAG Meeting Agenda February 24th 2016 8pm UTC

The next scheduled TAG Meeting is February 24th 2016 @ 8pm UTC.

Agenda items

According to Brad, I should post this here:

I’d like to submit LDEV-754 for this meeting, considering an LSWeek() function for ISO 8601 valid week dates

Looking at the meeting date, the meeting has been held meanwhile. But looking at the mimnimal interaction in this thread, it looks like it has been postponed…?

I would like to add LDEV-694 to the TAG agenda.
The objective of this ticket, and of the mod_cfml changes, is to remove the need of declaring virtual directories/mappings in Lucee as well as in the frontend webserver (IIS and Apache httpd currently).

The current beta version of mod_cfml (1.1.08) is being held back, because there is no answer yet on this ticket.

HI @frinky, our last meeting was cancelled due to not having anything on the agenda. We haven’t picked a new date, but I’ll just re-use this thread and add your ticket to the agenda. This sounds like something that will probably boil down to @micstriit but we can try to review it as well.

Hi @bdw429s,

Thanks for the info.
Looking at the available workflows in Jira for the proposed ticket, the only 2 next steps can be “rejected” and “added to TAG agenda”. So that’s why I proposed it here :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Paul Klinkenberg