TAG Kickoff Meeting Minutes

Comment here to add/edit/remove items to our agenda for the TAG kick off meeting. I’ll update the list in this first post based on feedback. If the proposed date, time doesn’t work for you please propose a new one.

Proposed date/time is next week

  • PST Thursday the 10th @ 12 pm
  • CST Thursday the 10th @ 2 pm
  • UK Thursday the 10th @ 8 pm
  • CH Thursday the 10th @ 9 pm
  • NZ Friday the 11th @ 7 am

Current agenda items

  • Welcome
  • Choose chair/secretary
  • Formalize frequency of assembly and standard day/time.
  • Discuss the level of required meeting transparency (recordings, minutes, etc)
  • Discuss member expectations, code of conduct
  • Discuss scope of the TAG’s responsibilities

Date/Time: 10th September 2015 @ 19:00 UCT
In Attendance: Brad Wood, Simon Hooker, Kai Koenig, Sean Corfield, Igal Sapir, Micha Offner, Mark Drew, Dominic Watson
Absent: Luis Majano

  1. Welcome
  2. Choosing chair/secretary
    • Chair
      • Role of Chair defined as the person that “keeps driving things forward” to get things done.
      • Brad Wood elected as Chair without any objections
    • Secretary
      • Role of Secretary defined as the person that “takes notes basically”
      • Simon Hooker elected as Secretary without any objections
  3. Formalize frequency of assembly and standard date/time
    • TAG to primarily rely on Slack / Discourse to accomplish our objectives
    • Standing date for meetings to be 3rd Wednesday of each month, starting September 16th 2015
    • Option to cancel a meeting if there is nothing to discuss
    • Option to revisit the scheduling to modify frequency and / or day of the month if more frequent meetings are found to be required.
  4. Discuss the level of required meeting transparency (recordings, meetings, etc)
    • Meeting software
      • Zoom (https://zoom.us) put forward as an alternative to Skype
      • Brad Wood has confirmed that Ortus have a license for Zoom that TAG can make use of.
    • Recording meetings
      • Pros / cons of recording meetings discussed.
      • Simon Hooker expressed a desire to take recordings of meetings to assist with collating minutes.
      • Vote taken Should meetings be recorded?
        • [ 5 votes ] Private recordings published on demand
        • [ 3 votes ] Private recordings for minutes / TAG only
        • [ 1 votes ] Always publish recordings
        • [ 0 votes ] No recordings
        • 0 abstentions
  5. Discuss member expectations, code of conduct
    • Voting
      • Discussion on various options for determining a vote result discussed. Decision made to require a simple majority for an option in a vote to be accepted.
      • Voting will be recorded to allow tracking of history. Google Sheet suggested as a place to track these votes.
      • Vote taken How public should voting results be?
        • [ 4 votes ] Outcome only
        • [ 3 votes ] Always publish individual votes
        • [ 2 votes ] Individual votes on demand / optional
        • 0 abstentions
      • The outcome of the vote does not prevent any members in the TAG announcing how they voted personally.
  6. Discuss scope of the TAG’s responsibilities
  7. Date of next meeting September 16th 2015, time TBC
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Just a quick note as I’ve decided to always make my personal voting behaviour public:

Vote on “Should meetings be recorded?”: Always publish recordings
Vote on “How public should voting results be?”: Always publish individual votes

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