Support for Mastercard new 2-series BIN range

This is a terrible way to represent the code changes. I don’t have the environment set up to build and test. This is just hand-edited to represent the potential changes.

119: new LCR(222100000000000L, 272099999999999L, 16, MASTERCARD, true),
242: // MASTERCARD 2221-2720 51-55 16 mod 10

197: assertTrue(IsValid(“creditcard”,‘2223000048400011’));

Can you file a bug in jira and file a PR in github against the 5.3 branch?

you can do it all the code changes via the github web ui, if you don’t want to check out and create a fork locally

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I haven’t built or tested the change. Doesn’t sound like it’s ready for a pull request.

ok, so you know what you need to do then to get this addressed :slight_smile: