Suggestions for good use-case for Task Threads?

I’ve read-up on Task threads, thread type="task", and I’m struggling to understand what common use-cases for such a thread would be? These threads don’t have access to the contextual application (which means they can’t take advantage of any Components that have been loaded / initialized into memory). They can’t even reference other methods in the same page that they were spawned. It seems that everything they need has to be passed-in as a thread-attribute. This makes them quite a bit more complicated than daemon threads.

So, I am wondering what people are using them for?

I was thinking that making external HTTP calls might be a good use-case. But, even then, doing that in an application context often uses some sort of configured Gateway Component that has API keys and all that jazz. Which, the task thread wouldn’t have access to … so, I am just not sure.