Suggestion for Log Analyzer: Sort the web contexts

Having switched to Lucee 6 weeks ago with our production environment, I’m getting a grasp of how things work w/ Lucee.

Having used heavily Log Analyzer plugin, I have a one small request to add to its development:

Would it be possible to have the list of web contexts in dropdown menu to be alphabetically sorted by default. We have 25 web contexts configured and as the list in dropdown seems to be generated by “which log file was updated most recently”, even the finding the one you were looking for wastes each and every time 30 seconds of my valuable time :wink:

Just my €0.02 … And apologies if such dev suggestions should be posted somewhere else, but at least the github project for Log Analyzer seems to be heavily outdated.

nice suggestion, I just added that as part of update for the log analyzer

  • collapse long stack traces
  • wrap long lines
  • add search and reload to view log
  • renamed details to analysis
  • fixed crash viewing individual detail record (serializeJson instead of serialize)
  • added page titles
  • always include the plugin stylesheet for each template
  • fixed sortable header colors (clashed with bg)
  • sort web contexts by path in dropdown, include the context base url too
  • bumped the version to 2.4.0

btw: it’s pretty easy to hack admin extensions, once it’s installed the cfml source is at

C:\lucee\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lucee\context\admin\plugin\loganalyzer (web context)
C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\context\context\admin\plugin\loganalyzer (server context)