Suggested improvement to releases page

I really like the recent visual improvements to the Lucee public website. On the releases page, though, I think it would make more sense to display the four categories in order of stability. In other words change them from:





Additionally, I’d love to have the Changelog listed there with links. I’m pretty sure it used to be there?

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Changelog is still available but annoyingly it only shows the log from the current point release to the last. I think it would be helpful to have a complete changelog page going back to at least the last minor release. Perhaps it should be a separate view giving over the whole page to the extended changelog.

What say you @IamSigmund @micstriit and @cfmitrah?

Totally agree! It should be most to least stable.

Thanks, I had noticed the Changelog for releases that you point out above, but we used to be able to see the list for every SNAPSHOT, from one to the next, in the server admin and I believe on that site too? That’s been removed from both places now. It was helpful to see what was specifically changed when testing new snaps, etc.

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Agreed w/ these points re: changelog and order of builds! Good thoughts. We’ll bake them into a new-new version of the downloads screen ASAP.



Glad you bumped this… we stopped testing SNAPS because it’s not a simple task to know what’s been worked on and frankly don’t have the time to re-educate myself on how to do parameterized filters in Jira to see what’s been touched…

“Help us to help you…” and all of that, eh?


Yeah, the snapshot changelogs should be easy enough to auto-generate from the git commit logs…

bug filed, please vote for it

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Woot! there are now snapshots changelogs on the download page!

Extension dates are also shown

all we need now is a nice flat page which outputs all the changelogs so they can be easily reviewed without a bazillion clicks…

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I look forward to being able to test SNAPs again!

This is very useful, thanks!

maybe have a start and end version dropdown in a view and then display all updates between the two… default to difference between latest and current versions?

Just filed a PR with a new Changelog page


Really nice Zac!!! Awesome!