Strange problem with zip4j since 2.11.0 (compress extension)

I’ve got a weird problem with the compress extension since zip4j 2.11.0.

On Github Actions, the LDEV1989 test case hangs and eventually the github runner (linux, ubuntu) crashes with out of disk space, of course it works on my machine! (win 11, jdk 11)

I’m using this batch file to run CI locally

call ant
if %errorlevel% neq 0 exit /b %errorlevel% 
set testLabels=zip
set testFilter=
set testAdditional=C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\tests

ant -buildfile="C:\work\script-runner" -DluceeVersion="light-" -Dwebroot="C:\work\lucee6\test" -Dexecute="/bootstrap-tests.cfm" -DextensionDir="C:\work\lucee-extensions\extension-compress\dist" 

more details in [LDEV-4139] - Lucee any ideas?

this is why I haven’t published the last two compress extension releases

Zack, there is a long history of unzip crashing on Ubuntu, it goes back over a decade off and on.

You could try it on some centos or other NIX instance, but again, the big key here is it works on Windows but not NIX, which comes down to how different they are. NIX uses tmpFS, which will cause the crash as on NIX it first extracts all to tmpFS first, vs just writing it to the disk. On your setup, is /var/run /var/lock and /run all tmpfs ? you can run mount|grep -i tmp to see what is mounted.

test command line
unzip -p
test command line by dumping it to nowhere
unzip -p >/dev/null

test command line java

jar xf

What happens if the tmpfs is explicitly set -XX:ZPath=/path/to/large/filesystem/drive/mount

it’s not unzip, it’s zip4j totally different library