Strange issue - base.cfc

I can only re-produce this issue on ONE linux machine (and it is Lucee, so… I just want to point out

In a ‘foo’ folder


<cfcomponent output="no" hint="">
	<cffunction name="getFoo" output="true" access="public" returntype="any" hint="">
		<cfreturn "foo">


	myobj = createObject("component", "base");

as you can see, the base.cfc is org.lucee.cfml.Base.cfc, NOT the one I have in the foo folder

it should be like (from my windows box, Lucee 5.2.5)


However, if I just renamed that “base.cfc” to be something else, it works well. I see the same dump with “getFoo” method

Hi @Allen_Weng,

I’ve tested in Ubuntu I couldn’t able to reproduce the issue. I 'm getting as expected

Thanks for trying. I know it is odd, I also can only re-produce it on one server.


Just FYI - we can see the same issue on 5.2.x (and this time it is on windows) now… still one box only…

No matching function [GETFOO] found, the GETFOO() method is implemented in base.cfc

after I changed the cfc from extends=“base” to be extends="{FULL PATH}.base", it works again.