Strange cache problem

Help !!!
Tomcat 8.5.31, Lucee (on Windows)

There is a strange new problem apparently related to caching Lucee output on our server and I have no idea where it comes from. Some setting but which?
“Inspect templates” is set to “always” so nothing should be cached!

Or is it some strange kind of IIS problem? I know nothing about IIS but I didn’t change anything there.

My test page simply does this:

<cfset value=“1”><cfoutput>#value#</cfoutput>

The page gets displayed normally.

Then I change the value to 2. I run the page and it still shows the 1.

The new value is not generated. (This is not a browser cache problem.)

One way to get Lucee to display the new value seems to be clearing the Page Pool Cache in the Lucee admin - then the new value gets displayed - but when I change the value in the source, that new value is ignored again.

InspectTemplates() also clears the page pool cache successfully, so if I add this to all pages, it should work, but why has it worked ok before and now requires this?…/functions/inspecttemplates.html

What is your current setting for inspect templates?

Based on your description of expected behavior it should be set to once rather than never (sounds like this may be the current setting).

it is set to “always” as I pointed out. It makes more sense to me than “once” and it has always been set to “always” and worked well, until a few days ago.
The behaviour sounds as if it was set to “never” but it is really set to “always”

Missed that detail in the intro. Sorry :neutral_face:

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The page pool of 1000 is hard coded according to this thread.

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