Status Code: 404 Not Found, but pages load fine

All of my CF pages run fine, but when i look in the network tab from my console, i am seeing Status Code: 404 Not Found for the Coldfusion pages that appear to run and display just fine.

Related, i do have another local site setup similarly and the pages in question also return, but with a success 200 status code. Basically I’m rewriting this particular website and my new version throws the 400 errors. I can’t put my finger on what is different. Regardless of the pages working, i don’t like that Status Code is 400.

I do make use of iis rewrite, but attempted to rule that out by temporarily deleting the rewrite rules and that had no effect. Maybe i needed to reboot after doing that, which i didn’t.

Just seeing if this sounds familiar and what I should try.

My stack for my dev laptop

OS: Windows 11 Home
Java Version: v8 update 361
Tomcat Version: 9.0
Lucee Version:

I figured out that my issue was in the application.cfc. i had an included cfc in my onRequest() and that apparently was causing my issue.

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