Static methods failing when called from an abstract class

(I’m following the process for reporting bugs and posting here first.) Essentially, static methods are failing when called from an abstract class. Lucee is attempting to instantiate an object, which of course is not what should happen when a static method is called. Static methods are working just fine when called from a non-abstract class. This is for / Commandbox. I’ve not seen this reported in the Lucee issue tracker. (The same behavior exists in ACF for which I’ve submitted a ticket.)

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@Zackster gave the greenlight to file a bug on slack. So here it is for those interested.


Thanks for alerting us to the bug and filing the report.

Could you please add to the Ticket a simple test case that shows the bug / defect?
Perhaps you could just copy/paste your code directly that isn’t working - if it is simple / clear?


You couldn’t poss provide some code that demonstrates what yer describing could you?

I agree it lacks steps to reproduce. Looks like that got covered in the ticket:

I see a test case as requested: :white_check_mark:

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