Standard debug - logging in admin - not working

Hey All - I’m running Lucee on windows.
I am trying to get the standard debug logging to work where it logs to the ’ Debugging - Logs’ area in admin.
Debugging output works flawlessly when I have a template setup with my IP and it correctly outputs it at the bottom of any executed page.
Almost nothing ever shows up in the ‘Debugging - Logs’ area though. Occasionally 1 entry will show up in web context admin for this template - /lucee/admin/web.cfm. Nothing in the server context admin.
that’s it.
I have tried adding/removing all templates and IPs from the templates section in server and web.
all the debug settings are on (as evidenced by the fact they are spat out to the browser).
Nothing allows me to generate the server side admin logs.

Any clues on what I am missing?
I read this old thread too - How is Lucee able to output the debug templates/information from the admin to screen?


@anderslars27 Debugging output logs are always available only on the web admin - debugging logs page.
the debugging logs for each web contexts are available only on their own web admin. Ex:- you have the web-context, So the debugging logs for this domain are available under this web admin
Please ensure you’re looking for the correct web admin for debugging logs.

Fantastic - thanks. I was using localhost URL to look at the web context admin. Did not know that mattered. Much appreciated! Follow ups:

  1. Does that affect other features in admin (using the matching webcontext URL) ?
  2. any idea where those logs shown in debug logs are stored? I grepped WEB-INF and the lucee dirs and didn’t find them.

mainly debugging and logs, Lucee uses a cascading config, server context → web context → application

in memory. there’s an admin API for accessing them

remember, anything in the admin is written in cfml, and lucee is open source

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Thanks so much. Great info. I will jump on that admin API.