Stable Version of 5.2.x.x. Lucee - Is there one?

About 3 weeks ago I updated my servers from to; within 2 days I was restarting the server because the JAVA heap was being consumed - it appears that threads were not being removed. After reviewing the forums it appeared that that going back to a previous version of 5.2 wasn’t really an option as many users reported similar issues.

I decided to give the snap shot a go which appeared to be stable over a 72 hour period and decided it might be better to move right up to the; this resulted in two server restarts within 48 hours - the issue wasn’t the heap but excessive CPU consumption; nothing in the error logs pointing to a cause.

I have decided to downgrade back to (which ran rock solid for months). No changes to the code base on the server.

Server specs:

Windows Server 2012
IIS 8.5/Lucee 5
Running Mura 7 websites (remote mySQL server)
4gb of ram

Anyone running into similar issues? Any thoughts?


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