Something exceedingly odd ( lucee4 docker + ubuntu 16.04)


I have a REST API service that calls up a node.js app running under Ubuntu 16.04 and it generates debugging info upon each request
And I have a Lucee4 (docker container) running as well.

Then, from end user point of view, the request is usually made via a URL from a web browser, which first calls a CF/lucee script that calls up the RESP API service.

It’s been working for me for at least eight months. Just now when I set up an identical REST API service on an identical server running Ubuntu 16.04. The REST API’s debugging info shows up when I call it from a command line (from a terminal), however, the web URL call did not show any debugging info though execution were successful.

What could cause this issue?

Check host and package versions for installed items on the OS itself.

You can run dpkg -l > myhostnameappsinstalled.txt

Do the same for the other machine then compare the two files.

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Good thought, I’ll check them out, thank you.