Smtp server or service

A client has registered a domain with some domain service company and this client also uses Digital Ocean (DO) for their web/Lucee application ( dev accessed via DO droplet’s IP address and OS is Ubuntu). Now they have a need for a SMTP mail server to send some email. There seems at least two ways to go about it.

(a) Advise the client to have their domain to be hosted by the domain service company, thus, they would also have a SMTP mail server comes with it.

(b) Figure out how DO’s droplet can support SMTP mail server.

Future consideration, down the road they would also like to use SSL for additional security, thus,
they would need to map DO’s droplet’s IP with their domain name any way.

What would you suggest?

You could use a service like, they offer both SMTP and APIs to send email…

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Thanks for the idea.